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It has been witnessed the evolution of human as the most genius biological species. Human survived from stone age to the current age of information technology. As the humans evolved they also created gadgets and technologies to make the human life better and better. Laptops are one of the greatest inventions of the humans for the mankind. Same like humans laptops also evolved for better use of mankind. Larger computers to light weight sleek and slim laptops are present in our every activity. We can not accomplish our regular formal and business tasks without the use of laptops. In short, the laptop is in every household and business umbrellas. The teacher can not deliver lecturers without learning and researching topics on laptops. Employees of business organization could not finish their assigned tasks without help laptops.  The people cannot communicate at the same time on web chats and web conferences without the use of laptops.  There are many manufacturers of gadget laptops like Dell, Lenovo, HP, IBM etc. Since many days these manufacturers are evolving use of laptops and reinventing the gadget laptop. The online purchase of this gadget by reading reviews of models and judging the ratings has given ease to end user. It is not straightforward to judge which kind of laptop model anyone needs. It may vary based on price and requirement. But here below are few of the listed checklists that can help you to make a decision on the purchase of this outsmart gadget.

Size:  If the size is your concern, then it is better to go with Notebooks. Most of the user opt for smaller size and weight because of portability. Any Ultrabook will serve the purpose. Notebooks are the type of Ultrabooks that are manufactured by many brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo, HP, and IBM. These notebooks vary a lot in configurations but their weight is in between 1.0 to 1.5 kg and screen width is between 12.5 to 13.3 inches. These Notebooks vary in configuration based on better prices. There is one more option for portability if a customer goes for bit high range of price. There are ultra slim laptops like XPS, Spectre that are almost 13.3 inches width, very slim and can serve the purpose of portability.

Screen Quality:   If you work long hours in the day in front of the screen. Then best resolution screen is good to purchase. The most common 1080p resolution can be fit for the purchase. Few brands also offer touch screen laptops. But most of the touch screen laptops are glossy and it leads to reflection. It is advised to go without a touchscreen for customers who glare at the laptop for long working hours. The most of the brands offer good HD or full HD quality laptops. These could better solution for this case. Look for IPS technology, because IPS laptops have a broader view of angle. It can be glared from sideways too. Last not but the least go visit stores or read online reviews before purchasing laptops in respective of better screen quality.

Keyboard:   If your job requires a lot of typing, then you should definitely go for better quality, comfortable and typing friendly laptops. Notebooks are generally slim and cannot offer spacious keyboards. It will be advised to purchase the keyboards such that you do not have experience for hunting keys like an arrow. The keyboard keys should have an adequate travel of down stroke and better response when the key is released. It might be that sometime you have to work on the dimly lit environment, then it is better to go for back-lit keyboards.

CPU:  Most of the performance of the laptops are delivered through using Intel’s core based CPU’s. So it hard to avoid these. The Intel generally provide I3, I5 and I7  CPU units for the laptops. Best performance is delivered by the higher number. I7 is used in most of the slim high-end processing computers. But the downside of it is that the system heats up easily. So if you are working putting your laptop on the lap, it could be the cause of concern because of CPU heating. I3 is used generally used in the entry level laptops. These are generally low priced laptops but can offer a satisfactory performance. I5 is used in most of the mainstream laptops. And I5 laptops are optimal choices in performance versus price. Some of the m core processors of the AMD are also a good choice for gaming laptops, where better graphics is the criteria.

RAM:   There could be selection criteria like the user has to run heavy memory-centric applications or many numbers of applications. The better RAM can be the choice here. Most of the brands offer 4GB RAM to 16GB RAM in their models. It is always better to go for the more RAM as it could be. But more RAM comes as an option to price. Hence if RAM is your criteria then for a definite price go for the higher RAM model.


Though there are many usages of a laptop in our daily life, but laptops have greater impacts in few of the sections of our life. Education is one of them. The laptop is considered as the educational instruments of learning. Most of the educational institutions offer laptops to their students as part of the curriculum. There have many studies to figure out the impact of laptops on the learning and better educational outcomes of the students. The students which have been offered the laptops spend more time in collaborative work. There were a better outcome of productive writing in greater length, better project based involvements, improved research skills, better collaboration with colleagues, spending more time on studies etc. This in overall increased the learning and critical thinking of the students and hence leading to better grades. After sustainable use of a laptop in studies it has been proved that student’s art, language, mathmatics, and writing skills got improved. After watching the impact of laptops on the education sectors many governments around the world have started taking initiative to offer laptops to even school students.



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