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Woodland. It is a name that resonates with sturdiness, style and durability. This brand, which is a household name in the shoes industry, has built the loyal customer base and reach it enjoys today over a period of time. Let’s look at the history of the iconic Woodland shoes. The brand Woodland is owned by Aero group, the Flagship company which began its operations in the 1960s and now has amassed an asset base of over US$100Million. Woodland was first started in Quebec, Canada for making winter leather shoes and later entered India in 1992. When Woodland entered the Indian market, the footwear industry was largely unorganized. They introduced a new category of shoes which were ‘outdoor adventure sports’. The product positioning was such that Woodland became known for providing rugged, leather shoes, outdoor shoes. This held a high appeal for adventure seeking, outdoorsy people.

It has come a long way since then and today these shoes are synonymous with modern, trendy, fashionable and yet casual shoes. The brand has something for everyone. From styles appealing to both men and women, They have taken the Indian consumer’s fancy. Woodland offers shoes that range from casual leather shoes, formal shoes or whether it is high heel shoes for men with petite ballet flats and sandals for daily wear. Adding a pair of Woodland leather shoes to one’s outfit gives it that extra jazz, that little something that makes heads turn, makes someone look a little longer. Woodland ensures you’re spoilt for choice and all of this at affordable prices. In the times of e-commerce and the internet, it’s very easy for a consumer to compare price list of a product offered by various brands. Woodland shoes price is always competitive in nature, giving the consumer the satisfaction of a good design and product while ensuring they obtain a value for money from their purchase.

A wide range of Woodland shoes online can be found on major e-retailers like SnapDeal, Amazon, Myntra and Flipkart to name a few. their prices are reasonable and affordable. From boots, sandals, woodland formal shoes, leather shoes, outdoor shoes, casual shoes ,loafers, floaters and flip flops they complete woodland shoes model with image & price.

It has always been associated with outdoor, tough shoes that are preferred for people who like to keep in tune with nature. As a brand Woodland has established an image of one that is nature-friendly and connected to nature. This connect has been established not only through their brand positioning but also the promotions, processes and practices. Woodland has strengthened this association of the brand by introducing a range of products including apparel and footwear that are eco-friendly that are made with materials that are natural and not harmful to the environment as they do not have chemicals. By ensuring that the manufacturing process is less harmful to the environment and communicating that the brand stands by the belief of caring for the environment and saving nature, Woodland has strengthened this positioning. There is a strong brand recall due to these activities and the brand’s close association with nature and the environment.

It has a 360-degree marketing strategy in place, which is followed for every launch and product whether it is . Currently, this strategy is focused on giving a boost to social media. Their social media team ensures that the brand is well connected and engaged with the customers keeping them abreast about all the new products and launches. Social media also helps communicate the brand values and get important feedback from the consumers which is essential for improvement for the brand.

They actively organize in-store activities and work with customers toward creating an interactive platform where ideas related to the nature around us and the environment can be discussed. As a brand, they hold a lot of passion for the community and social causes, the entire company stands by this belief. Their goal is to inspire the youth to increase their awareness and participation in saving of nature. This is the philosophy they stand by and except their consumers to do the same. Their campaigns are focused on increasing this connect with their consumers. Part of these campaigns are participating in college activities and adventure sports rallies to extend the adventure lifestyle image of the brand to the youth.

The store format of Woodland is such that the stores are made to be landmarks in a city. They have taken up entire buildings and converted them to large format stores. This has worked well for them as when a store if so big, people take notice and pay it an initial visit at least out of curiosity. But the focus hasn’t been so much on growing the number of stores but on the quality of products that are true to the brand’s values. If the brand stands by the promise of their quality the growth will come on its own. To ensure high quality, Woodland has invested 80 to 100 crore in the state of the art shoe manufacturing equipment from German machinery maker Desma. The company claims that the technology used is the latest where most of the processes are automated and carried out by robots. Footwear manufacturing is usually a labor-intensive process which involves cutting of leather, stitching, sewing and so on. The new technology is designed to handle all functions using robotic processes. This will reduce the manpower to one-third of the original. Woodland shoes online Woodland shoes India

According to them, almost 80 percent of its stores are profitable. Last year while four stores were shut down as they were not viable, six were relocated due to high rental charges. The company says relocation is part of the game and becomes necessary if the rent is high and the stores are not making the profit. They often try to negotiate rent and relocate to more affordable options nearby.

They made from the eco-friendly, recyclable and reusable material. Materials like polyurethanes used in making soles come from German companies like BASF and Huntsman and follow the high eco-friendly standards of the Germans. This helps in keeping up the quality of Woodland shoes in India. The leather that goes into making these shoes is vegetable-tanned for a majority of the products. It uses harmless, natural products which are free of chemicals. This leather comes from several tanneries of the company in the country. Leather that is outsourced from other countries is also vegetable tanned to ensure no damage is done to the environment. Usually, tanneries discharge a lot of waste that is toxic and harmful in nature, but the technologies Woodland uses ensures that this waste is recycled to a large extent.

Effluents from its tannery are passed through a series of pits where the water is treated with chemicals like ferrous sulphate and lime mixed with polyelectrolytes to precipitate and separate the clear water and sludge.

All these efforts are in line with the message that Woodland wants to communicate about their brand. They are eco-friendly and take the nature around them very seriously.

Apart from shoes, they are famous for its apparel collection too. Apparel makes up for 40% of Woodland’s business. They aim to grow this to make up for 50% of the business.

In apparel too, Woodland uses materials that are organic like organic cotton and other eco-friendly fabrics, synthetic materials are avoided by them. There is a big focus on technically sound outerwear such as waterproof jackets and eco-wear garments. About 50 percent of the apparel that is manufactured for Woodland is outsourced from specialized factories like for jackets and denims, in factories in Vietnam, China and Korea and the remaining is produced at Woodland’s factories in India. To ensure that Woodland apparel follows the latest trends, they have tied up with several designers in Italy who supply all the latest designs as well as the expertise to manufacture it as a kit.

The company invested Rs 5 to 10 crore in new automated machinery from Italy. All their effort is focused on enhancing the quality to make it a growth driver. Woodland shoes India woodland shoes online

Recently they have re-introduced its sub-brand called Woods which caters to a completely different segment of formal wear. Woods was first launched in 1998-99 as a semi-formal brand but was withdrawn after a year after it failed to build an affinity among consumers as a separate brand.

Woods will have high-end men’s and women’s footwear, bags, accessories and apparels priced much higher than Woodland’s range. It aims to target niche markets which have small boutique stores in upmarket locations which will be limited to the metro cities. Woodland shoes online shoes price

They have expanded their range recently. It introduced kids and yoga wear range recently. This also means more space requirements.

Currently they have over 300 company owned exclusive Woodland stores across various cities in India. They are growing at a rate of  25-30%. They also have a presence in over 3000 plus multi-brand outlets in a number of countries.

Woodland Shoes Price List

Woodland Shoes ModelPriceDiscount
Woodland ProPlanet Men Black Leather SandalsRs 159750%
Woodland Men Black Leather SandalsRs 149750%
Woodland ProPlanet Men Brown Leather Casual ShoesRs 169750%
Woodland Men Olive Green Perforated SneakersRs 199750%
Woodland Men Green DerbysRs 189750%
Woodland Men Charcoal Grey Suede Casual ShoesRs 199750%
Woodland Men Navy Suede Casual ShoesRs 199750%
Woodland ProPlanet Men Black Leather SneakersRs 214750%
Woodland Men Navy Blue Solid Leather Mid-Top DerbysRs 174750%
Woodland Men Black Suede Brogue Casual ShoesRs 199750%
Woodland Men Brown Solid Suede SneakersRs 189750%
Woodland Men Beige Solid Nubuck Leather Mid-Top Flat BootsRs 264750%
Woodland Men Olive Green Suede Casual ShoesRs 184750%
Woodland Men Tan SneakersRs 184750%
Woodland ProPlanet Men Grey Leather Casual ShoesRs 189750%
Woodland ProPlanet Men Olive Green Leather Casual ShoesRs 224750%
Woodland Men Blue Colourblocked SneakersRs 249750%
Woodland Men Brown Solid Leather Casual ShoesRs 247245%
Woodland Men Brown SneakersRs 247245%
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Woodland Bottle Green Leather Shoes for Men (44)

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Woodland Bottle Green Leather Shoes for Men (45)

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Woodland Brown Leather Men’s Sandals and Floaters – 7 UK

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woodland brown outdoor boots

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Woodland Camel Leather Outdoors – 8 UK

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3,215.00 amazon

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Woodland Casuals For Men(Khaki)

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