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Sparx shoes fall under the brand name of Relaxo footwear. It is built for athletes and outdoors enthusiasts. It combines a unique designs with durability that make it very popular among consumers in India due to unique strategy in deciding the sparx shoes price list. Relaxo footwear was started by two brothers, Mukund Lal Dua and Ramesh Kumar Dua. They inherited their father’s footwear company and have made it into one of the largest footwear brands of India. Relaxo footwear provides a great combination of comfort, quality and style in their workmanship. They have a wide range of fashionable, colorful, comfortable and durable footwear for everyone like sparx sports shoes , sparx casual shoes running shoes etx . It is the athletic range of the Relaxo brand. Actor Akshay Kumar has endorsed this brand.

It has been branded as the “3rd Most Trusted Footwear Brand” in India. The shoes are known for its active sporty designs and affordable pricing and if you compare the sparx shoes price list from other brands you will find it much cheaper without compromising the quality. A wide variety of fashion conscious customers, are attracted to this brand, as it sports a good blend of style and durability. The two features that it concentrates their image on are quality and hygiene. Its product range includes shoes, sandals and slippers which are all available in a variety of colours and designs. “It is the result of our constant effort to deliver quality products and build an enduring trust for the brand among our consumers. Sparx as a brand stands for quality and the can do spirit. It enables consumers to upgrade their fashion quotient to a modern and contemporary lifestyle. In line up with other brand’s vision of incorporating the latest trends in footwear design, this success is the testament of our decades long brand legacy in the market. Going forward, we will keep focusing on enhancing the shopping experience of our consumers with our strong retail presence and diverse product portfolio.” – Gaurav Dua, Executive Director- Sales and Marketing at Sparx shoes.

It has stiff competition from other local brands such as Khadims shoes and Bata shoes, and international brands such as Nike shoes , Adidas shoes etc. Thanks to the internet and e-commerce, online shopping has become more and more popular in India. This has led to consumers buying goods from around the world, at very affordable prices. This has both good and bad effects for local brands like Sparx shoes. Well established brands like Nike and Adidas, have put years of work into their research and design. They have produced products which are truly in their own league. Competing with such big names is definitely a challenge for Relaxo and Sparx shoes. They have managed to differentiate themselves on the basis of price. International usually tend to be expensive and that leaves a big niche for local brands to exploit. Sparx shoes has managed to do that and used celebrity endorsing to boost its image. Akshay Kumar has been able to bring the product to the consumers and they have received it very well.

Here is the list of the most popular Sparx shoes:

Sparx Casuals and canvas shoes

These well-designed casuals come in a variety of colors. This is one of the most popular of the Sparx casual shoes in the market at the moment. It’s easy going design and vibrant color combinations makes the Sparx 283 Casuals, a crowd favorite. The shoe has a flat white sole with white laces. The flat sole ensures comfort for the wearer. The outer material is designed with canvas and is very flexible. These are perfect for travelling and for everyday wear. These shoes are very affordable with the price range varying from Rs. 850 to Rs. 1000. One of the key defining features of the Sparx Men 283 Casuals is it’s lightweight. This makes it ideal for travelling long distances with ease and comfort. Its flexibility makes it easy to carry in backpacks and suitcases. The only drawback is that it gets dirty easily due to its light colors. It has to be repeatedly cleaned to maintain its vibrant appearance.

Sparx Running Shoes

Like the  Sparx casual shoes, the running shoes & sparx sports shoes are also quit popular for its comfort quotient. The  288 Sparx Running Shoe is available in various colors and is very vibrant. The shoes are made up of mesh and synthetic leather. This enforces breath ability and makes the shoes very flexible. The sole is made with phylon and is very good for traction at high speeds. The defining characteristic of the  288 Sparx Running shoes are the heels. It has a transparent casing that is filled with air cushions to relieve the pressure on the runner. The air cushions absorb extra and unwanted pressure and makes running and walking easier for the consumer. It’s lightweight allows consumers to carry the shoes almost everywhere. Combined with its flexibility it can be packed into suitcases and backpacks for easy travel. If not for sports, these shoes can also be worn for leisure. The comfort factor ans sparx shoes price list as compared to its international brands makes it ideal for everyone.

 These are the more conventional running shoe designs by Sparx shoes. These running shoes are nor as complex in design and performance as the Sparx 288 Running Shoes, but their simplicity is what makes do them stand out. These shoes are designed for durability and agility. They have been stripped down to the bare necessities with padding in the right areas to relieve pressure. The shoes come in various colors ranging from standard dark colors to more unconventional vibrant colors. The top part of the shoe is made with mesh, making it very breathable. The quality of the product is very good and works well with both causal and sportswear. The average price of these running shoes range from Rs. 900 to Rs. 1000. If you are looking for a standard running shoe at a good price this is the product for you. It has received excellent reviews from its customers and continues to impress people of various ages and walks of life.

Sparx  Sneakers and Moccasic shoes 

The Sparx sneakers and Moccasic are an excellent choice for casual easy wear. They do not come with laces, which leaves out the hassle of tying one. These loafers can be slipped on your feet, and comfortably worn on day to day basis. They are available in white flat soles with a variety of color combinations. This shoe is extremely light and flexible and is excellent for travel. It can worn on any occasion and would fit easily in a suitcase, travel bag or back pack. The top layer of the shoe is made with mesh which makes it very breathable. It’s easy going design and vibrant color combinations makes the Sparx Mesh Loafers and Moccasic, a crowd favorite. The flat sole ensures comfort for the wearer. These are perfect for travelling and for everyday wear. These shoes are very affordable with the price range varying from Rs. 750 to Rs. 1000.

It is difficult to establish a shoe brand in the current market conditions without the online presence that’s why sparx shoes start making it online presence though various online shopping sites like flipart amazon etc and you can easily do the sparx shoes online shopping though these trusted sites . There are many brands out there who have already made an impact in the industry. Shoes can only be redefined in a certain number of ways. It’s how Sparx manages to create an individual identity for its shoes, will make the difference. Nationally the shoe brand is making huge waves in the market. Recently it was awarded the Sparx trademark for which it fought a court case with Bata. Sparx shoes has lacked in creating an identity for its products. It has failed to associate itself with a certain audience and create a story. The reason for its success is its price range attractive designs. Larger international companies have been beating local companies through their messages and brand identity. Sparx shoes has the potential to be the best selling brand in India, but it still has a long way to go.

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299.00 flipkart

Sparx 100 % Original SM-113 Black red Sport Running Shoes(Black)

1,499.00 1,424.00 flipkart

Sparx 100 % Original SM-113 Navy Blue White Sport Running Shoes(Navy)

1,499.00 1,424.00 flipkart

Sparx 100 % Original SM-162 Black canvas Casual Sneakers(Black)

999.00 949.00 flipkart

Sparx 100 % Original SM-185 Black Yellow Sport Running Shoes(Black)

1,449.00 1,376.00 flipkart

Sparx 100 % Original SM-205 camel Turquoise Sport Running Shoes(Olive)

1,499.00 1,424.00 flipkart

Sparx 100 % Original SM-211 Black Sport Running Shoes(Black)

1,749.00 1,659.00 flipkart

Sparx 100 % original SM-213 Green Orange Sport Running Shoes(Green)

1,399.00 1,329.00 flipkart

Sparx 100 % original SM-220 Navy Royal Blue Sport Running Shoes(Navy)

1,999.00 1,899.00 flipkart

Sparx 100 % original SM-223 Blue green Sport Running Shoes(Blue)

2,299.00 2,184.00 flipkart

Sparx 100 % Original SM-229 Navy Blue Green canvas Casual Sneakers(Navy)

1,899.00 1,804.00 flipkart

Sparx 100 % original SM-231 Grey Orange Sport Running Shoes(Grey)

1,249.00 1,186.00 flipkart

Sparx 100 % original SM-236 Royal Blue green Sport Running Shoes(Blue)

1,399.00 1,329.00 flipkart

Sparx 100 % Original SM-241 Black Red Sport Running Shoes(Black)

1,399.00 1,260.00 flipkart

Sparx 100 % original SM-251 Blue Black Sport Running Shoes(Blue)

1,799.00 1,709.00 flipkart

Sparx 100 % original SM-252 Black White Sneakers(Black)

1,249.00 1,186.00 flipkart

Sparx 100 % Original SM-271 Black White Sport Running Shoes(Black)

999.00 949.00 flipkart

Sparx 100 % Original SM-275 Black red Sport Running Shoes(Black)

1,249.00 1,186.00 flipkart

Sparx 100% original SM-194 Black Red Sport Running Shoes(Red)

1,999.00 1,899.00 flipkart

Sparx 100% original SM-217 White Royal Blue sport Running Shoes(White)

1,749.00 1,661.00 flipkart

Sparx 175 Casuals(Navy, Blue)

999.00 829.00 flipkart

Sparx 177 Running Shoes(Blue, Green)

1,799.00 1,599.00 flipkart

Sparx 233 Canvas Shoes(Olive)

1,349.00 1,215.00 flipkart

Sparx 233 Casuals(Brown)

1,349.00 1,049.00 flipkart

Sparx 253 Casuals(Blue)

1,599.00 1,422.00 flipkart

Sparx 253 Casuals(Olive, White)

1,599.00 flipkart

Sparx 253 Casuals(Red, White)

1,599.00 1,279.00 flipkart

Sparx 255 Loafers(Blue, Green)

999.00 988.00 flipkart

Sparx 263 Running Shoes(Black, Orange)

2,099.00 1,866.00 flipkart

Sparx 263 Running Shoes(Black, Yellow)

2,099.00 1,747.00 flipkart

Sparx 263 Running Shoes(Blue, Red)

2,099.00 flipkart

Sparx 264 Running Shoes(Multicolor)

2,099.00 1,866.00 flipkart

Sparx 273 Casuals(Blue, Red)

1,299.00 flipkart

Sparx 277 Running Shoes(Black, White)

899.00 869.00 flipkart

Sparx 277 Running Shoes(Grey, Green)

899.00 flipkart

Sparx 278 Casuals(Black, White)

699.00 688.00 flipkart

Sparx 278 Casuals(Blue, White)

699.00 flipkart

Sparx 280 Casuals(Blue, Black)

1,299.00 flipkart

Sparx 280 Casuals(Grey, Black)

1,299.00 flipkart

Sparx 280 Casuals(Red, Black)

1,299.00 1,270.00 flipkart