The soles of endurance

Every morning when the sun draws orange to the sky, people running on tracks around with endurance, determination, diet goals are all united by one factor. Athletes focusing on building themselves to conquer medals and honor also have one thing in common besides the goal. It is the sport gear which adds to the inspiration to sweat out. Mainstream fashion has also infected athletic wear making people choose the stylish, durable and suitable athletic wear.

Naturally as a choice of comfort and strength.they arises as the brand of choice. This global athletic footwear and apparel company was born in the year 1958.  This was the brainchild of Joe & Jeff Foster which brought in a new trend and face to fitness and sports.

The Beginning of Reebok Shoes

It is  started early in 1895 in the backyard of a young 14 year Joseph William Foster with the designs of earliest running spike shoes in Bolton. This idea took him further to be the founder of ‘J.W. Foster’ in 1900.who later associated his children to finally come out with  J.W. Foster and Sons. They took the small steps with small factory called Olympic Works. which started shining as the running pumps among athletes in and around United Kingdom.

The company later was born as ‘Reebok shoes’, a companion company yielded by two of the founder’s grandsons, Joe and Jeff Foster in 1958 in their root land, Bolton. As the company went forward with quality products.They ended up grabbing the attention of Paul Fireman at the Chicago International Sneaker Trade show. Paul Fireman initiated and negotiated for license of distribution of Reebok products in US. It was licensed as Reebok USA Ltd.which with the introduction of new shoes entered the market as a major player with a staggering $1.5 million in sales.

It is stationed at Canton, Massachusetts, United States as strong roots after arriving from UK. It pushed itself into countries with regional offices in Amsterdam (EMEA), Montreal (Canada), Hong Kong (Asia Pacific) and Mexico City (Central and South America). It also successfully launched retail flagship stores in China, Dhaka, London, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia and Tokyo in October 2004. A new long-term employment agreement was negotiated amongst the Reebok board of directors.

The Marketing Strategy

The evergreen winner of Women’s Tennis Venus Williams signed with Reebok shoes after emerging as a winner in Wimbledon and the 2000 Summer Olympics. Reebok also took over as the official apparel outfitter 29 teams in the NBA for ten consecutive years in the start of 2004-2005 seasons.

They became the official sponsor of National Hockey League in 2004. In the American continent they starred by obtaining exclusive rights to manufacture original jersey including sideline clothing and caps and shoes. It supported National Football League (NFL), Canadian Football League (CFL), Chivas de Guadalajara of Mexico. they also penetrated Australia by signing up with new Australian A-League competition. This resulted in estimated 125,000 A-League jerseys were sold in Australia.A record for a single league’s sales in a year for a sports manufacturer. In Europe, they held deals with English clubs like Liverpool F.C., in Rugby union with Wales’s national team until late 2008 and many other star players. Reebok has stepped forward also in sponsoring sports like boxing, ice hockey, Lacrosse, track and field along with mixed Martial Arts, pretty much ruling the sports category.

The Acquisition of Reebok  Shoes

In the year of 2005, Reebok was acquired by Adidas shoes, thus marking a culmination of the world’s third best with world’s no. 2 sports company. The no.2 company, Adidas acquired the outstanding shares and sealed the deal. Despite the blend, both the companies sell products under their respective names in the market. they also collaborated with another sport fitness competitor, CrossFit, opening CrossFit studios selling co-branded footwear and apparel in the fall of 2010. Reebok also partnered with Les Mills, a group fitness and team training program in eighty countries in more than 15,000 studios.

They first started running as a Reebok Freestyle aerobics shoes, first of its kind athletic shoes for women. Reebok starred Fitness professional Gin Miller as the face of “Step Reebok shoes” and thereby flagging company’s aerobics fitness campaign and program. The following year Reebok witnessed a sales hit of $13 million.

The company began from aerobic fitness and branched towards tennis, running and basketball, ice hockey under CCM and beyond. Later they invaded into sports clothing and accessories, along with a new range of children’s athletic shoes called ‘Weeboks’ at the end of 1980.  It introduced its signature technology called Reebok Pumps in 1989 which supported more than 150 professional athletes.  Reebok hit a Billion dollars sale at the end of the year.

Reebok Classic

It is worldwide known for its signature styles of shoes like Classic Leather, the Workout, the Ex-O-Fit, the Newport Classic, the Freestyle Reebok Pump, Reebok Classics, and Reebok Freestyle amongst the most notable.

Reebok Classic stands for lifestyle shoe brand where athletic shoes were inspired into popular casual wear.  This edition featured Retro Running, Retro Basketball, Insta Pump Fury and contemporary styles. Retro Running line was launches to highlight the popular shoe styles of yester years. lightweight running and training created to provide maximum stability. Another shoes called ‘the Ventilator’, a flexible running shoe known for its versatility known for its limited editions like “Tonal Ballistic” and “Heritage” was launched in 1990. Following this The DMX Run was launched in 1997 that highlighted with Reebok’s DMX technology, a system in which air runs through connected pods to release energy. they made a comeback in October 2012.  The InstaPump Fury came out in 1994. This lace less shoes included features like reduced midsole, Hexalite cushioning, fully synthetic upper which was popular enough to make numerous releases and in various color ways.

The Reebok Pump

The authentic line of athletic shoes was released in 1989 as ‘The Reebok Pump’. It featured as a shoe of first of its kind with internal inflation technology which provides a fitting cushion in the lower and upper tongue resulting in shoe locking around the ankle. Their best technology is the Reebok Zig. The Reebok Zig is a line of tailored athletic footwear, with zigzag foam sole which is designed for athletes to give a powerful push. These shoes debuted in March 2010 as ZigPulse which came out in six prominent colors. The design assists in reverting energy to the wearer by absorbing impact at the heel and spreading the energy through the zigzag design.Which catapults the athlete forward and reduces notable stress on the shins. The Reebok Zig came out in different styles and names, cut out with some modifications to the mother technology, like ZigTech Nano Fly, ZigWild TR with spikes, ZigLite Run, ZigTech Sharks, ZigKicks, Zig Carbon, ZigTech Big ‘N Fast as options to pick for all types of needs.

Entry into the Indian Market

This growing company, entered Indian market to inspire more sportsmanship and fitness with the name, Reebok shoes India. They first initiated as sponsors for top seeded Indian Football club, East Bengal F.C., in 2003. Later it captured the market with booming IPL, which created frenzy in the market and among Indians. It went onto sponsor IPL teams like Royal Challengers Bangalore, Kolkata Knight Riders, Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings in the debut of the league held in 2008. Reebok includes Mahendra Singh Dhoni, one amongst the highest-paid sportsperson of Indian cricket team, as Reebok’s most prominent athletes. Reebok shoes boast a modest price-list of range from 1k to 15k including casual wear, sportswear and other customized shoes. With all these advancement , it is the perfect embodiment of the philosophy ‘Fit for Life’.

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